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Facts About Donuts You Should Know

Facts About Donuts You Should Know

Facts About Donuts You Should Know, Donut is like universal food because everybody loves it. There are also wide variations of donut all over the world. You can basically find donut everywhere you go. Every country even has their own version of donut with different name, size, flavor, or shape. Donut is also often chosen as comfort food because its sugar can lighten up the mood when you are down or need a boost of energy. Eating donut every once in a while won’t give you serious health issue unless you are currently having one.

Facts About Donuts With Health

Facts about Donuts
Facts about Donuts

Facts About Donuts with a clear reason is that it contains too much sugar which can make you suffer from fever and break down later. Not to mention your health will take a long time to eat donuts as a habit. Sugar and trans fats are what make donuts bad for you so daily consumption is not required. However, eating donuts for an occasional celebration is fine is better if you don’t eat a dozen in one sitting.

The Facts About Donuts Are Having Lots of Carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is what you will find from donut. Carbohydrate is often the culprit behind weight gain and obesity. However, your body needs carbohydrate to function properly because it create energy. However, carbohydrate you get from donut won’t contribute much to your health. A plain donut contains the average of 24.6gr of carbohydrates. Nutritious carbohydrate is what your body need to function properly.

Lemon Donut

Facts about Donuts
Facts about Donuts

Another favorite donut is lemon donut. It has sweet-sour flavor to it which makes people get addicted to eat more. In lemon donut, you will find sodium as much as 135 to 150mg. Meanwhile, a package of donuts contains 250 to 360mg of sodium. Sodium is important for your health but in the right amount. To ensure that your blood pressure stay low, you need to limit your sodium intake to 2,300mg a day. It aims to protect your heart. If you really crave for donuts, stop at two or three pieces.

Donut actually contains fiber as well. However, the amount is tiny and it is not the kind of healthy fiber either. Therefore, eating donut for the purpose of gaining its fiber won’t work. Donuts are often served for breakfast. A plain donut contains about 0.9gr of fiber. However, you will gain more fiber if you opt for wholewheat flour donuts. The fiber contained is also more nutritious. A package consisted of six donuts can also give you 4gr of proteins. It is still not balance with the amount of fat and calories contained in them.

In conclusion, donut cannot be considered into your regular part of eating plan since it can lead to various health issues. However, you can still eat it every once in a while without taking too many of them. Eating donut regularly will also ruin your diet so so you can limit your intake. Or, you can opt for healthier donuts so you can still enjoy it without putting your health at risk.


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