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Healthy Donuts You Can Make At Home

Healthy Donuts You Can Make At Home

Healthy Donuts You Can Make At Home. Donuts are one of the most favorite sweets around the world. People no matter what age love this sweet snack especially when they are down. Donut is one of the most common comfort foods after all. When craving sweets, most people tend to choose, chocolate, cake, or donut. However, there is also disadvantage of eating donut especially when you buy from the bakeries, supermarket, or franchises. Their donuts are often made from tons of tons of sugar. The bad news is that your body will be the one that suffered from over-consumption of sugar and fatty ingredients.

Healthier homemade donut as alternative

Healthy Donuts You Can Make At Home
Healthy Donuts You Can Make At Home

Homemade donuts are often suggested because they are made from natural sweetener and more nutrition included. Store-bought donuts taste heavenly but lose their nutrition points. They are made with the abundance of sugar while their nutrients consists mainly of carbohydrates and fat from processed oils. If you consume them regularly on daily basis, it is going to be a disaster for your health.

Homemade donuts on the other hand can taste just as heavenly, if not more. You can sweeten them with natural ingredients such as honey. You can opt to cut any refined sugar to be added into the batter. You can even choose the glaze that doesn’t contain refined sugar. You can just add dark chocolate chips that have no sugar in it. Thus, they are still tasty and healthy.

To add more nutrients to the homemade donuts

Healthy Donuts You Can Make At Home
Healthy Donuts You Can Make At Home

You can add chocolate protein powder. Also, it is time for you to cut down the oil of donuts. When you add more protein, the nutrients will be more balance along with the carbohydrates and fats. This type of homemade donuts are also safe for kids. It can help prevent them from experiencing sugar spikes or sugar-rush.

Making healthier homemade donuts is possible and you can try it yourself. Chocolate donut is such a great treat to accompany your tea in the late afternoon. You can basically use the basic recipe for basic donut. For making healthy chocolate donut, you need ingredients as follows; large egg, honey, unsweetened almond milk, Greek vanilla yogurt, vanilla extract, chocolate protein powder, cake flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, salt, oil, chocolate chips. These are all ingredients you can use to make healthy homemade chocolate donuts.

The process of making this chocolate donut is the same as when you make baked-donut, not the fried ones. The purpose of baking this donut is to reduce the oil accumulation. The nutrition contained in this healthy donut is as follow; 211kcal calories, 7g protein, 35gr carbohydrates, 3g saturated fat, 7gr fat, 24mg cholesterol, 2gr fiber, 173mg sodium, and 18gr sugar. You can see that this donut is healthier from the composition of nutrition facts.

Enjoy this donut with your family during situs judi poker evening-tea. This can be a great choice as well for situs judi poker gatherings with families or friends. This way, you can provide delicious sweet snacks that will not put their health at higher risks of severe diseases caused by sweets consumption.


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