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Popular Cakes From Different Countries Around The World

Popular Cakes From Different Countries Around The World

Popular Cakes From Different Countries Around The World.Through food, we get to know more about people and their culture. Cake is one of the universal foods. You can find cake everywhere in different form, size, shape, and name. Every country has their own authentic cake that represents their culture as well. Most cakes around the world are served for celebrations. It is incomplete for celebration without cakes. Here are some of the most exceptional cakes around the world deserve a try:

Honduras has pasteles de tres leches as their popular cake.

There are actually wide variations of this cake and if you ask the history of it, the people may come up with different stories. However, you can focus more on the cake itself. This is such a delicious cake made with small variations. You can have the one with whipped cream or a meringue topping. You can also opt for cherries or strawberries toppings. This cake is light and moist, perfect for tea and coffee.

Japan has matcha mille crepes cake.

 Popular cakes all over
Popular cakes all over

From the name itself you know that the original version of this cake is from the gateau mille crepes. It is a French classic. However, another version came up in Japan that has turned this cake into Japanese signature cake due to the matcha flavor. This cake is tower of crepes with light custard that is also very smooth. The crepes themselves are made with matcha. Before serving, the cake is dusted with matcha as well.

South Korea has saeng cream cake with light and airy texture.

 Popular cakes all over
Popular cakes all over

This is great for those sweets lovers who don’t really fancy too sugary cakes. This cake is light just like chiffon cake. It is often decorated with fresh fruits and whipped cream. The locals often buy this cake for celebrations especially birthday.

Guatemala has pastel borracho cake.

 Popular cakes all over
Popular cakes all over

This cake is famous for its moist and rich texture. You can also taste and smell deep flavor of cinnamon. This cake uses rum syrup to add the richness. It is also added with creme anglaise. That’s the most basic version. There are also other variations with fancier concepts and all. However, even the basic one is already exceptional.

Libyan has saefra cake which is perfect for dairy-free cake enthusiasts.

This cake has sweet and nutty flavor to it. The golden color makes its appearance looks even more inviting. Not to mention that the orange flavor makes it more unique to taste. This is such a great choice for those who love fruity cakes and This cakes is also topped and glazed with sesame seeds to add the flavor.

Puerto Rico has bizcocho mojadito cake as their signature dish.

It is basically a chiffon cake. However, this one is drenched in flavorful syrup. The process is done after it’s baked. The result of this process is moist cake with sweet flavor. This cake is light and airy just like how chiffon cake is. However, the syrup is what make this chiffon makes more special in term of flavor and look.


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