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take our Glazed Donut and top it with our special Caramel Icing and add a touch of salt, and you'll be in heaven.

Various Types of Donuts Available Around the World.

Various Types of Donuts Available Around the World.

Various Types of Donuts Available Around the World.You see, foods are not only necessity. It is also part of culture and identity. You can get to know more people through their food specialties. And keep in mind that food is not limited to borders or boundaries. When you travel to different places, you will always find different foods. You may even find the same foods you used to eat but in different name. It often happens. As for donut, you will see that there are large variations of it all around the world.

Donuts are a classic meal that has been a long time ago.

Various Types of Donuts
Various Types of Donuts

Donut is not modern food because it has been existed from a very long time a go. It is considered a classic food instead. However, there have been many variations developed to this sweet snack. Every country has their own version of donut in variety of forms, shapes, sizes, flavors, and names. Here are some of the most popular donuts from different countries around the world deserve a try:

In Canada, you will find BeaverTail. It is said that Canada is one of the most donut-obsessed countries in the world, especially in the North America. The locals eat more donuts per capita that other countries. You will find donut shops so easily when travel in Canada. BeaverTail is twisted-fried donut that has become the nation pride of Canada. This donut is in flat-shaped piece. The shape itself resembles a tail of beaver. You can add variations of topping you like.

Churro is already a popular snack in the world.

Various Types of Donuts
Various Types of Donuts

It is originated from Spain, Mexico, and other parts of Latin America. You can basically find Churros everywhere outside Latin America. This type of donut is often served for breakfast especially in Spain. You can dip this donut into a chocolate liquid. The shape makes it easy for you to eat it just as it is.

Pets de nonnes is a version of donut from France. The name is translated into ‘’the nun’s puffs’’ or “nun’s farts’’. This version of donut uses ingredients such as eggs, milk, butter, flour, and sugar. The dough then is shaped into rounded-balls. Then, they are fried. Then, they are sprinkled with powdered sugar. The puffy texture is what you make you get addicted to this French donut.

Japan has An-Doughnut as their version of donut. Japan itself is one of the countries that always make invention and find innovation. As for their version of donut, it is type of fried donut filled with red bean paste. The dough is similar to basic donut. The highlight is the round-ball shape and red bean paste the filling.

Sel Roti is another version of donut from Nepal. This is basically deep fried dough. They come in ring-shape. This donut is usually served during Hindu celebrations and holidays. The main ingredients of this donut is not wheat flour but rice flour. You can taste the different when you grab a bite. This donut can be eaten as it is without any additional toppings or fillings.


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